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The Fundamental Steps In Rising The Stock Horsepower In A Ford Powerstroke Engine

The Fundamental Steps In Rising The Stock Horsepower In A Ford Powerstroke Engine

You like your Ford 7.3 powerstroke injector truck proper? They are definitely great trucks and the vehicle of selection for me since they were launched back in 1994. The stock horsepower is ok, but wouldn't you like to have more power, more torque, better drivability, and of course pick up some fuel mileage? Who would not? There are three very primary steps to take to attain this goal. I'm going to share here the speculation and principles we apply to every diesel pickup that comes into our shop.

The first thing you have to to understand that a diesel engine is nothing more than an air pump. The mechanicals of an engine work very similar to the air compressor out in your shop. One stroke downward of the piston draws cool recent air in. The next stroke up compresses this air. Once the air is compressed, the fuel injector fires fuel directly into the cylinder inflicting the fuel to ignite from the heat of the compressed air. The piston is forced back down once more by the increasing fuel burn. Because this downward drive is what turns the crank and actually creates the rotational power, the stroke is called the ability stroke. As soon as the piston reaches the underside of the cylinder, it comes back up on the final stroke that pushes the exhaust out of the engine. As soon as we strip away the computers, wiring, and seemingly endless quantity of wires and hoses running across the engine compartment, we can see the engine is still a very simple air pump. So let's build on that precept with three fundamental steps that will assist that air pump work simpler:

1. We should open the intake tract so that the engine pulls air in easier and cooler.

One of the first modifications you must do to your truck is install some form of cold air intake kit. Whereas the stock airbox filters air pretty properly, it was only engineered to circulate sufficient air to feed the engine at factory horsepower settings. Since we're going to up that horsepower, we want more air. Not solely do we need more air, but we need cooler air. A popular modification we see is an open ingredient Okay&N style cone filter just connected to the end of the air cleaner hose. Whereas this modification is value effective, we have now really seen a drop in horsepower on our chassis dyno. While the filter flows more air, you are actually sucking warmer air underhood air into the engine. The warmer the air, the less oxygen molecules. So we've negated any reason in any respect to do the mod with an open to the engine compartment filter.

What we recommend, promote, and set up on a regular basis is a cold air consumption kit that sucks it's air from the grill or fender area. When looking on the kits, find one that has a snorkel type piece that ends outside the engine compartment. Filter programs of this style deliver cooler air to the turbo. The cooler the air, the more oxygen rich the consumption air is, the more horsepower we will make when the injector fires. Most cold air consumption (cai) manufacturers claim a 40-50 % improve of air flow. Most cai kits that suck their air outside the engine compartment have shown an eight-12 rear wheel horsepower improve on our chassis dyno. A lot of our prospects report a 1 mpg improve in fuel financial system and much more free feeling engine. Why? Because we've made it easier for the engine pull air in together with the side benefit of more oxygen rich cooler air. Also we have lowered our upkeep costs because nearly all cai kits have reusable, washable filters.

Now if you have gotten excited and began looking for a cai kit to your truck, you will have just gotten overwhelmed by all the choices. Our suggestion for all years of Powerstrokes are the S&B model intakes. We sell them 10 to 1 over another brand. The fit and finish is great. We additionally really like the underhood appearance once they're installed. And best of all, a complete S&B consumption kit will be had for round $270 shipped. That additionally makes them probably the most economical of a lot of the kits.

2. We should open the exhaust tract in order that the engine can do away with the exhaust gases simpler and quicker.

The subsequent step to take is tossing that factory exhaust within the scrap pile. By changing your exhaust to a full four or five inch system, you'll make it simpler for the engine to get rid of the spent exhaust gasses. To illustrate the distinction, grab a stirring straw and a spent bathroom paper roll. Blow by way of the straw after which by way of the paper roll. Which is less complicated? Which do you assume your engine would love higher? Just like the factory air intake system, the stock exhaust system was engineered to meet sound, emissions, and price requirements. Additionally they were only designing a system that might be adequate for factory horsepower levels. Since we're shooting for more than factory, we have to upgrade. If it's all attainable to remove the catalytic converter, you should. Depending in your state, it will not be authorized, however the converter is a major restriction in the exhaust system. When ordering a new exhaust, ensure to check and see if it has provisions for the converter or not. Any system labeled "off-road" will delete it. Just make sure you purchase the fitting exhaust to maintain you legal with the law.

Most manufacturers declare a 15-25 rear wheel horsepower enhance with their systems. We've got observed comparable results on our Supercirculation chassis dyno when testing trucks before and after an exhaust install. Most of our clients report 2-3 mpg fuel economic system will increase and far freer, faster revving engine. Exhaust gasoline temperatures normally drop on average 150-250 degrees depending on the system. If the engine doesn't must work as hard to expel the spent exhaust gasses, more of that power might be transmitted to the crankshaft. Along with a pleasant exhaust tone we gain horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

As soon as once more, when you've got cracked the latest diesel journal searching for exhausts you is perhaps overwhelmed by the choices. The sky is the limit here. Relying on the scale, fashion, material, and the exhaust tip you need, prices range from $300 to over a grand. Personal preferences will play a job in your decision. We recommend both MBRP or Diamond Eye exhaust systems. Try to be able pick up an aluminized turbo back four" system for roughly $300 shipped. MBRP now has some kits out that haven't any muffler for a real all out performance sound. The promote for around $285.


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