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The History Of Hungarian Paprika

The History Of Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian cuisine is various and delicious. It had the great Turkish, Italian and French influence that enriched and improved Hungarian recipes. Programs with stewed vegetables got here from Balkans, sausages have been brought by Germans and Italians, pelmeni have been received from Slavic people.

The most well-known Hungarian programs are goulashy and paprikashy, however Red pepper (paprika) is the culinary symbol of Hungary. Every region of Hungary has personal peculiar food. Balaton vicinity is well-known for its fish programs; Nice Hungarian Plain (Great Pannonian Plain) - for its potato courses, Northern part of Hungary is legendary for game courses, Southern Hungary - stewed paprika and tomatoes (lecho). Additionally there are highly nationwide meals - stewed lamb with tarragon and stewed in grease paprika and tomatoes. The plant paprika was dropped at Europe in the end of 15 and the start of 16 century concurrently from west and east. Paprika was spread in Hungary throughout Turkish dominion (1541-1686). Turks introduced paprika from Persia. Small, sweet-scented and Ungarische Spezialitäten sizzling Hungarian paprika is similar to Indian form of red pepper. Spanish paprika (Pimiento) was brought from Latin America by Christopher Columbus. It is larger, pulpy, with sweetish taste, but with out especial scent.

Paprika is rising all over the place in Hungary, but in Great Pannonian Plain there are the very best situations for it. Southern cities Szeged and Kalocha are additionally famous for their wonderful red pepper. You can see bunches of paprika at verandahs of peasant houses in all places in this area and fields are glowing with bright red color. Hungarians taste with paprika nearly all courses. Small, greater, scorching, candy, red, green and dried yellow paprika could be eaten uncooked.

Pork grease and flour heavy sauce with spices types the fundamental of Hungarian Courses. Smoked sausage slices and sour cream are extensively utilized in cooking. All that variety of different ingredients makes Hungarian Delicacies delicious for any taste.


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