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Nose ring 

Nose ring 

Nose piercing ring - a kind of cosmetic puncture for decorating the nose with an original product. The first mentions of this cosmetic procedure are found in the Vedas and date back to the 15th century BC. In ancient times, these punctures were common among Indian women, among the Bedouins of the Middle East, among African peoples and among the aborigines of Australia. And among the native American tribes of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas, punctures and decorations of the nose were a symbol of good health, while men were a symbol of masculinity and courage.In modern hours, nose ring piercing is the most popular and relevant procedure for young people and the older generation who want to emphasize the originality of their image, creativity, fashionable style, love of freedom and independence.Piercing rings are produced by well-known international brands, famous designers work on their uniqueness, and now the market for these products has a huge range of diverse and original products.Nose Piercing TypesWith different types of piercing they pierce various parts of the nose - the skin, soft tissues, cartilage. The average time to heal punctures is from 6 to 8 weeks.The main variations include seven different techniques, including:The bridge is a puncture of the soft tissues of the nose in the area of the nose. For decoration use the bar. Puncture of the upper part of the nostrils, conducted from the inside to the tip of the nose.Austin Bar - horizontal puncture of the soft tissues of the tip of the nose, which does not affect the cartilaginous septum. leather watch band - single piercing or a combination of several perforations of one or two nostrils. For jewelry use a ring with a ball clasp, a barbell, stud earrings. The most common and favorite option among women and men.Septum - piercing the nasal septum between the nostrils, and placing the jewelry in such a way that it is visible from the nostrils.Septril - puncture of the lower side of the tip of the nose.In addition to the main types of nose piercing, there are also some common combinations that combine different types of punctures.Recommendations for nose ring piercingIf you decide to perform a nose ring piercing, you should protect yourself from possible unpleasant consequences.In the first: This procedure is recommended to be carried out only in professional salons by trained specialists.Secondly: All hygienic care regulations should be observed, they should be regularly carried out until the wound heals completely.Thirdly: Select only high quality piercing jewelry from world famous manufacturers.Piercing ring buy on the virtual site site - save money, since all products are offered at the lowest cost. To buy a ring for piercing, to place an order quickly and simply, it is to provide yourself with a high-quality and unique product.On the electronic page suggested rings piercing from hypoallergenic materials: medical steel, bioplast, titanium or tungsten. Replacing the originally installed jewelry, each client can choose for himself distinctive silver jewelry with high-quality and durable gold plating.The company catalog includes earrings, nostril, puncture simulators, but still the most popular are the various types of piercing rings: with ball, segmented and slit. And jewelry with zirconium inserts and Swarovski crystals will be an amazing and exclusive gift for your beloved half.


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